Golf Cart Lift Kit Heights | How Much Lift Do You Need?

Golf Cart Lift Kit Heights | How Much Lift Do You Need?

Posted by Performance Golf Carts on Jul 9th 2021

Now that you have decided to install a lift kit on your golf cart, you may be wondering how high you need to lift it? This article will explore the most common golf cart lift kit heights and the recommended minimum lift kit height for each manufacturer based on the tire size you want. This way, you can best achieve the desired look on your golf cart! If you haven't read our article on the different styles of golf cart lift kits, you might want to begin there.

3" Golf Cart Lift

A 3" lift kit on your golf cart will allow clearance for 20" tires. You can find a 3" golf cart lift kit in nearly all popular styles such as A-Arm, Block, Spindle Lift, and Drop Axle. The 3" lift kit is perfect when you are looking to add larger tires without changing the height of the golf cart too much.

4" Golf Cart Lift

A 4" lift kit on your golf cart will allow clearance for 22" tires. The most common 4" lift kit on the market is the Block style lift kit. Some A-Arm and Drop Axle 4" lift kits are available for golf carts, but the expense and installation time is nearly identical to the 6" versions of those lift kits. For that reason, the Block style lift kit is the most popular way to lift your golf cart 4".

5" Golf Cart Lift

The tire clearance allowed with a 5" lift kit depends on which golf cart model you have. Club Car and Yamaha golf carts will accept 22" tires, while EZGO will typically accept 23" tires using a 5" lift kit.

6" Golf Cart Lift

A 6" golf cart lift kit will allow clearance for the large 23" all-terrain tires with room to spare! Available in a Spindle lift, A-Arm, and Drop Axle, the 6" golf cart lift kit is wildly popular! Whether you own an EZGO, Club Car, or Yamaha, with a 6" lift kit installed, the range of tire and wheel options are many!

Other Golf Cart Lift Kit Heights

Other golf cart lift kit heights are 7" and 8" and considered "extreme duty." These lift kits have a long travel and excessive tire clearance for extreme off-road capability. These lift kits are rarely a requirement for most golf cart owners.

Minimum Golf Cart Lift Kit Height By Brand

All golf carts are NOT created equal! Different brands have different minimum lift kit requirements depending on the height of the tires you want to use. Below, we have broken down each brand and the minimum lift kit required.

Club Car Golf Cart Lift Kits

Club Car golf carts do not have much room to spare when using larger than stock-size tires. Stock golf cart tires are 18" tall. Club Car golf carts, in stock form, can accept an 18" or 19" tall tire with no lift kit required. 20" - 20.5" tires will need a 3" lift kit, while 22" tires require a 4" lift. 23" tires will need a 6" lift kit for proper clearance, and anything larger than 23" is recommended to have a massive 8" lift kit installed!

EZGO Golf Cart Lift Kits

EZGO golf carts have more room to accommodate larger tires than any other golf cart in their stock form. Most EZGO golf carts can accept 18" and 19" tires with no lift kit. However, 2014 and older EZGO models can fit up to 20" tall tires without a lift kit! A 3" lift kit is recommended for tires 20.5" tall, while tires 22" tall will need a 3" or 4" lift depending on tire style and the clearance desired. 23" tires can clear with a 5" lift kit but may not have extra clearance for off-road driving. For this reason, you should use a 6" lift kit unless you are driving on smooth paved roads. Any tire larger than 23" will need a minimum 7" lift kit.

Yamaha Golf Cart Lift Kits

Similar to Club Car, Yamaha golf carts are pretty stingy on extra wheel well space. 18" and 19" tires will fit with no lift kit, and the Yamaha Drive G29 model can accept up to a 20" tire without a lift kit. All other Yamaha models will need a 3" lift kit to install 20" or 20.5" tires. A 4" lift kit is recommended for 22" tires, while 23" tires will require a 6" lift kit. Any tire over 23" tall should use an 8" lift kit.

Let's Wrap This Up

The golf cart lift kit heights recommended above are for reference only and to give you an idea of where to begin when deciding to lift your golf cart. Your driving style, road conditions (on-road or off-road), and desired look are all factors to consider. Hopefully, this article will get you headed in the right direction. Until next time, make sure to ride happy!

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