Are you looking for a used or refurbished Yamaha golf cart? You're in the right place! Many of our Yamaha golf carts come to us as trade-ins. We then send these used Yamaha golf carts to our service department for a complete inspection. During this inspection, our professional technicians will repair any significant mechanical or electrical issues. At this point, we also decide which Yamaha golf carts to refurbish. Our refurbished Yamaha golf carts will be newer (2015 and up) and go through an entire rebuild process. These Yamaha golf carts are stripped down to the frame, cleaned, and rebuilt to look and perform BETTER than new! Our refurbished Yamaha golf carts receive custom paint, freshly re-covered seats, brand new batteries, new LED headlights, new turn signals & brake lights, brand new tires & wheels, and a new windshield! We will then add a lift kit to some of them, and some remain at the stock height. Whether you're in the market for a used or refurbished Yamaha golf cart, our team of friendly golf cart experts is here to help you! We back all of our used and refurbished Yamaha golf carts with a warranty, so you can buy with confidence and ride happy!