For luxury and performance, it's hard to beat a Star EV golf cart! Star EV is well aware that golf carts and electric vehicles are becoming the primary mode of transportation for many of its customers. With this in mind, Star EV builds both the Star Sirius and Star Capella with many modern, automotive-inspired features and designs. Features like an easy-to-read liquid crystal display screen, self-canceling turn signals visible in the side mirrors, and seat belts built right into the body. Star EV uses ultra-comfortable seats with an adjustable seat back (Star Sirius model) that provides comfort beyond a standard golf cart seat to ensure driver and passenger comfort. Star EV has long had a "customer-first" approach when designing and manufacturing golf carts and electric vehicles. This philosophy shines through in every detail of a Star EV golf cart. Also, the Star EV Sirius and Capella meet the requirements for street-legal low-speed (LSV) travel in nearly all states! If you are interested in registering your new Star EV Sirius or Capella golf cart as an LSV, our friendly and knowledgeable sales team can provide more information. It's easy to see why Star EV continues to be a leader in golf cart and electric vehicle manufacturing, design, and technology. If you have any questions regarding Star EV golf carts, please reach out! Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team is ready to help!