What Kind Of Golf Cart Windshield Do I Need?

What Kind Of Golf Cart Windshield Do I Need?

Posted by Performance Golf Carts on Jul 10th 2022

Golf cart windshields are possibly the most underrated part of a golf cart. No-one gives a windshield much thought until it is raining or until something flies up and hits it! If your windshield is broken or needs replacing, many options will be available. Replacing your windshield with the correct type can help protect you and your passenger from weather, a golfer's misguided aim, and dangerous road debris. Below we will explain the different types of windshields and their application so you can make an informed decision when it is time to replace yours!

Standard Acrylic Golf Cart Windshields

Acrylic golf cart windshields are a basic, cost-effective option available in clear and tinted versions. The clarity is typically excellent, and the 3/16" thickness will deflect rain and small debris without damaging the windshield. Acrylic windshields are also available in 1/4" thickness to provide more strength and less bending and bowing. Acrylic golf cart windshields are available for most makes and models. The design allows them to use stock OEM front struts, also known as roof supports. The hinge is a high-quality polyurethane to provide uninterrupted visibility.

Impact-Modified Golf Cart Windshield

At first glance, impact-modified golf cart windshields look similar to a standard acrylic windshield. However, the impact-modified windshield is a 1/4" polycarbonate blend. This polycarbonate blend gives this windshield added rigidity, strength, and high shatter resistance. Also available in clear or tinted, this windshield is most recommended for golf courses, industrial use, hunting, or any conditions where extra impact resistance is needed. Impact-modified golf cart windshields are available for most popular golf cart models and use OEM front struts. The hinge is high-quality polyurethane to provide uninterrupted visibility.

Street Legal AS4/AS5 DOT Golf Cart Windshields

Most street-legal golf cart laws require a durable, shatter-resistant windshield. This law keeps you safe from harmful and dangerous flying debris from passing vehicles. AS4/AS5 rated clear windshields meet U.S. Department of Transportation standards for Low-Speed Vehicles. They feature a 0.177" thickness with a polycarbonate hard coat to prevent scratches and are shatter resistant. Street-legal AS4/AS5 windshields are available in full one-piece and two-piece versions.

One-Piece Golf Cart Windshields

One-piece windshields are not the most popular but are still reliable and very effective. Available in AS4 DOT versions, some manufacturers offer full glass one-piece windshields. They do not fold down, so they can be slightly warmer during summer. However, they are typically very close-fitting around the edges and will keep a lot of cold air out during the winter.

All of these windshields are available from our parts department at Performance Golf Carts. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding windshield styles or fitment! Our golf cart professionals are here to help you and make sure you ride happy!