Understanding Golf Cart Lift Kits | Golf Cart Lift Kit Styles

Understanding Golf Cart Lift Kits | Golf Cart Lift Kit Styles

Posted by Performance Golf Carts on Jul 1st 2021

Have you ever thought about adding a lift kit to your golf cart but have no idea where to begin? What is the difference between a Block lift kit, Drop Spindle lift kit, A-Arm lift kit, Drop Axle lift kit, and a Long Travel lift kit? Whatever the reason you're looking to boost the height of your golf cart, we're here to help. This article will guide you through the different golf cart lift kits and which one is right for you!

Golf Cart Lift Kits

Block Golf Cart Lift Kits

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Block Lift Kits are an economy-style lift kit. While this style of lift kit is inexpensive, easy to install, and practical, it will only give you 3"-4" in additional height. The Block Lift Kits get their name because of the steel "blocks" used under your stock suspension to achieve the lift. While this golf cart lift kit will give you that boost in height you desire, it will not ride as smoothly as some of the other lift kits.

Drop Spindle Golf Cart Lift Kits

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The drop spindle lift kit for golf carts is extremely popular. This type of lift kit is easy to install, affordable, and uses the existing suspension on your golf cart. Spindle Lift Kits, commonly referred to as "drop spindle" lift kits, replace the existing spindle on your golf cart with a longer and wider spindle. The new spindle not only lifts but widens the stance of your golf cart for added stability. The broader width that Drop Spindle Lift Kit provides will allow you to fit larger custom tires and wheels on your golf cart.

A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kits

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A-Arm golf cart lift kits are more heavy-duty than Drop Spindle lift kits. The A-Arm lift kit will replace almost all of the suspension on the front of your golf cart. A significant benefit of the A-Arm golf cart lift kit is the smooth and comfortable ride, along with the ability to accommodate larger wheels and tires. Most A-Arm lift kits have circular tube construction, making them more robust than a standard a-arm. A-Arm golf cart lift kits are currently the most popular due to the ease of installation, performance, and price.

Drop Axle Golf Cart Lift Kits

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Drop Axle golf cart lift kits are economy lift kits. The Drop Axle lift kit will replace your stock front axle with a "drop-axle" design. A drop axle lift kit tapers down to the stock spindles on your golf cart. The Drop Axle lift kit replaces your front axle and re-uses your stock spindles. Drop Axle lift kits are inexpensive compared to Spindle Lift Kits but will not ride as smoothly as a Spindle lift kit or A-Arm lift kit. While installation is not complicated, the Drop Axle golf cart lift kits are more time-consuming to install than Drop Spindle lift kits.

Long Travel Golf Cart Lift Kits

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Long Travel lift kits are Cadillac of golf cart lift kits! Long Travel golf cart lift kits will be the most expensive yet the most capable lift kit you can buy. The difference that makes a Long Travel lift kit so remarkable is the independent front and rear suspension system. The springs found on Long Travel kits provide a smooth ride when driving over extremely harsh or rough terrain. Long Travel golf cart lift kits, sold in lift sizes of 6", 7", and 8", are sometimes called extreme duty lift kits. The second type of Long Travel lift kit is the coil-over lift kit. A Coil-Over lift kit will have the same front suspension as the complete Long Travel lift kit, without the independent rear suspension.

Let's Wrap This Up

As you can see, not all golf cart lift kits are the same! It would be best to consider factors such as driving style, price, and mechanical ability before purchasing your golf cart lift kit. If you have any questions about which lift kit is suitable for you, please reach out! Our knowledgeable team is always ready to help you! At Performance Golf Carts, we have a complete line of golf cart lift kits in stock and ready to install on your cart so that you can ride happy!