7 Top Ways To Make Your Golf Cart Safe

7 Top Ways To Make Your Golf Cart Safe

Posted by Performance Golf Carts on May 6th 2022

Have you ever stopped to think about how safe your golf cart is? It's essential to make sure your golf cart is safe. You might think that it's unnecessary to worry about upgrades to make your golf cart safer if you only use it for light travel. Contrary to popular belief, enhanced safety measures aren't just for golf carts used for heavy-duty travel. Golf carts have become a preferred method of transportation for many people nowadays. Affordability and ease of operation often attract people to buy a golf cart. Ensuring your golf cart is safe for travel is just as important as traveling safely in a car. The following list of upgrades and maintenance procedures will help ensure your golf cart is as safe as possible. 

Side Mirrors

Many golf carts only come with a small rearview mirror. Adding side mirrors to your golf cart is a great accessory that increases your safety while on the golf cart. Having side mirrors makes it easy to check your surroundings and blind spots, providing better overall visibility. Side mirrors are available in many different shapes, and they're easy to install! So even if you only plan on using your golf cart at a slow, leisurely pace, there's no reason you shouldn't add side mirrors and travel as safely as possible. 


Many golf cart owners do not think of seatbelts as a necessity for a slow-moving golf cart. The truth is, seatbelts save lives, and that is true whether you're in a car or a golf cart. Several aftermarket options make seat belts an easy safety add-on to any golf cart! 


Having a windshield on your golf cart makes it safer and more enjoyable. A windshield block rain, wind, and debris, but it will also block the bugs. There's nothing fun about a bug flying in your eye or mouth. Windshields are available in clear or tinted options. The tinted windshields are usually a little more expensive, but they are great for reducing glare. Installing a windshield or replacing a cracked windshield on your golf cart seems like a no-brainer, making your drive safer and more enjoyable. 

Light Kit 

Lights help you see where you're going in the dark and help others see you! Most light kits include bright LED headlights, turn signals, a horn, and brake lights. A light kit quickly increases the safety of every golf cart! 

Upgraded Brake System

Having high-quality parts like an upgraded brake system will help keep you safe when you're behind the wheel of your golf cart. With the advancement of technology and performance upgrades, making your golf cart go faster is easier than ever. Making sure you can stop safely has never been more important! 


Having tires with good tread life on them will lessen the chances of finding yourself stranded on the road or golf course with a flat tire. Checking the air pressure in your tires once a month is an easy way to get the most life out of your golf cart tires! 


Don't forget about your batteries! Checking the water once a month will keep your batteries in good condition and prevent possible catastrophic failure (explosion). If there is noticeable damage or extreme corrosion, do yourself a favor and replace your batteries. 

There's no doubt about it, having a golf cart is fun! Enhanced safety features on your golf cart can help lessen the chance of having a golf cart related injury, make stress less, and help you ride happy!