EZGO Golf Cart Inspiration

EZGO golf carts are some of the most popular golf carts we have customized here at Performance Golf Carts. With numerous accessories available for all models of EZGO golf carts, the customization options are limited only by your imagination! Some of the EZGO golf carts in our Inspiration Gallery have simple modifications, such as custom wheels and seats. You will also see golf carts with customizations such as lift kits, custom wheels & tires, custom paint, and custom seats. While other golf carts have gone through a full body, extreme makeover using the new MadJax Storm Body Kit! The Storm Body Kit is the ultimate in golf cart customization and will give your EZGO TXT golf cart a whole new attitude! We hope that some of the golf carts in our Inspiration Gallery can inspire you and help you choose which custom options best suit your EZGO golf cart. With the endless amount of accessories available, you can easily make your EZGO golf cart one of a kind!


If you have any questions about the EZGO golf carts in our Inspiration Gallery or which accessories are compatible with your golf cart, please reach out to us. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable golf cart experts are always ready to help you ride happy!