EPIC Carts | The NEWEST Member of The ICON Family

EPIC Carts | The NEWEST Member of The ICON Family

Posted by Performance Golf Carts on Oct 26th 2021

This article will introduce you to the newest member of the ICON family of golf carts, EPIC Carts! ICON has quickly become the 4th largest manufacturer of golf carts behind the big 3 of Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha. While the success of ICON has been awe-inspiring, they lacked in one particular area. ICON did not have a premium cart option, and this is where EPIC Carts comes in!

Who Is EPIC Carts?

EPIC Carts began nearly a decade ago, operating mainly in Texas. When founder Sean Heatley failed to secure a "Big 3" golf cart dealership, he decided to forego the traditional route and develop a new brand, EPIC Carts. Sean would then go on to distribute EPIC Carts to other dealers and continue growing his company. ICON and EPIC Carts have reached an agreement for EPIC Carts to be the premium offering in the ICON family of golf carts.

EPIC Carts - Premium Features For Less

If ICON and EPIC Carts advertise the new line as a premium cart, it should probably have premium features. EPIC Carts do not disappoint when it comes to premium, standard features, and equipment! Below are the premium features offered as standard equipment on EVERY EPIC Cart!

AGM Batteries

-5kw Motor

-400 / 450 Amp Curtis Controller

-High-Back Diamond Stitch Premium Seats

-4-Wheel Disc Brakes

-Front & Rear Independent Suspension

-Premium Sound Bar

-DOT Windshield

-3-Point Safety Restraints

-Side Mirrors w/ LED Turn Signals

-Lighted License Plate Bracket

-Backup Camera

-Every EPIC Cart is fully DOT street legal compliant

These premium features are available at a price well below any of the "Big 3" manufacturers!

Let's Wrap This Up

Currently, EPIC Carts are assembled and distributed from ICON's newest facility in Dallas, Texas. Sean Heatley has remained with the company and is the operations manager for both the EPIC and ICON production lines at that facility. With a list of premium standard features, it's easy to see why your next golf cart purchase should be EPIC!